November 2022
“Troubling Temporalities,” History of Science Society, USA

July 2022
“On Blue Ice: Antarctic Meteorites and Deepening Planetary Time,” British Society for the History of Science

April 2022
Roundtable discussion (organizer) “Rethinking Spheres: Planetary Scale and Environmental History,” American Society for Environmental History 

Feb 2022     
Roundtable discussion, Orleans House Gallery. “Rivers, Art, Rewilding.” Available here

Feb 2021    
“On Being Cold: The Making and Melting of the Lab and the Field,” What is a Field? University of Pennsylvania

Oct 2020   
“Ursula Marvin and Geologic Chauvinism,” American Women of Science: Recovering History, Defining the Future, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC (online due to covid-19)

Sept 2020   
“Blue Ice Temporalities and Natural Chronometers,” History of Science Society (panel organizer) (postponed to 2022 due to covid-19)

August 2020   
“Deep Time, Ice, and the Environmental Humanities,” Bergen School of the Environmental Humanities Summer Program, Bergen, Norway

June 2020   
“On Blue Ice: Meteorites and Antarctic Time,” Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University, UK (invited talk)

Feb 2020   
“A Melting Fossil: Ice, Life, and Time in the Cryosphere, 1840-1980” Consortium for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Philadelphia, PA

Dec 2019   
“Tales from the Cryosphere: Ice and New Earth Histories,” New Earth Histories Conference, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Sept 2019   
“Refracted Worlds: Preserving Ice in the Anthropocene,” Society for the Social Studies of Science, New Orleans, LA (panel organizer)

Aug 2019   
“Interglacial Victorians: Ice and the Natural End of Time,” History of Science Society, Utrecht, the Netherlands
May 2019    “Antigua in Svalbard: A History of Melt,” American Society for Literature and the Environment, UC Davis, California

April 2019   
“Ice, Archives, Data,” Roundtable on Data in Environmental Knowledge, American Association for Environmental History, Columbus, OH

Dec 2018    
“Atlases and Satellites: Mapping Change in the Frozen North,” Society for the Social Study of Science, Sydney, Australia

Nov 2018   
“Principles of the Ice Age: Calculating Cosmological Influence,” History of Science Society, Seattle, WA

May 2018   
“Placing the Arctic: ‘Otherworldly’ Science in the Frozen North,” The International Association for Environment, Space, and Place, Frederiksberg, VA

April 2018   
Environments of Modernity: Graduate Round Table, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Nov 2017   
“‘The 1958 Swithinbank Ice Atlas and the Cartography of Dynamism,” History of Science Society, Toronto, Canada

May 2016   
“Centralia: A Mine Fire and Meaning,’ Society for the History of Technology, Singapore