I am a historian of science and the environment, and am interested in all things cryos- and geos. I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher on the Making Climate History project at the University of Cambridge.

From May 2022-September 2023, I was a Past & Present Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Historical Research at the University of London. I completed my Ph.D. in the History and Sociology of Science department at the University of Pennsylvania in May 2022.

My current book project, A Melting Fossil: Seeing Ice/Making Time, examines how, since the nineteenth century, ice has been deployed by naturalists and scientists as a kind of scientific instrument to understand and construct  the deep past and future of the planet.

My future projects explore other materials of the geos: wood, plastics, and ceramics. My second book-length research project, focused on the long history of wood that is pulverized into cheap particle board,  is tentatively titled “Flat-Packed Futures: An Environmental History of Ikea.”  

In 2020-2021, I was the Associate Fellow at the Wolf Humanities Center’s Mellon Research Seminar on ‘Choice.’ In 2019-2020, I was a Fellow with the Smithsonian Insitute; a Fellow with the Linda Hall Library; a Fellow at the Consortium for History of Science, Technology, and Medicine; and a recipient of a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant.

In 2017, I took part in an expeditionary residency program, The Arctic Circle, where I spent two weeks sailing the high north with artists and scientists on a 100-year old barquentine tall ship.

Prior to coming to Penn, I studied at The New School for Social Research on a Fulbright Scholarship, completing my MA in Liberal Studies. 

I am also a potter who loves all things clay- glaze- and kiln-related.